Signage and Wayfinding for Complex Environments.

Specializing in Healthcare, Senior Living, Residential and Educational Institutions!

What is the cost of Confusion?

Industry analysts estimate $250,000 annually for an average 200 bed hospital.
Make it easier for patients and visitors to find their way!
Healthcare facilities can benefit from our proven sign system development model.

Take care of Seniors!

Signage and wayfinding in senior living communities is more complex.
Our experience has taught us to build better sign systems
for seniors – more functional, readable and consistent signage.

Make it feel like Home!

Residential communities deserve warmer, more welcoming sign systems.
Establish a sense of community at the first point of contact
and carry a consistent design theme throughout.
From the main entrance sign to the resident room sign it should be a complete, connected system.

How important is Signage?

Colleges and universities often have one chance to make a good first impression.
Make it count, and count on it to change.
We specialize in managing complex systems. 

We constantly design and build interior, exterior sign systems
with the end user in mind.

We follow a proven model to create successful signage and wayfinding programs – a best practice, step-by-step process
is a trusted way to execute a sign system strategy.

By incorporating intelligent design, cost efficient materials,
advanced manufacturing and today’s graphics technologies we find the right balance for our clients.

What are Your Goals?

Whether a campus master plan, new construction, building renovation, or department move, our proven process is designed to fit any sign project.

If you don’t have sign system goals, we can help prioritize what is most important and develop a strategic plan moving forward.

What's in a Design?

Sign system design is a function of Materials & Finishes, Architectural Elements, Sign Construction Requirements, Graphic Design and Budget.

We strive to find the most cost-efficient way to achieve the desired look while maintaining maximum flexibility and changeability.

Our Proven Process.

We begin with a project analysis, wayfinding evaluation, application of sign standards, and specialty signage requirements.

Our goal is to determine what signs are needed, where they should go, and what they should say.

Wayfinding that Makes Locating Patient Services Easier

The Feeling of Being Home

Easily Move Around Campus

Help Seniors Locate Activities